About The Eco Key

What is The Eco Key?

The Eco Key is the world's first planet cleaning search engine. This "Eco-Google" allows users to enjoy the benefits of the powerful Google search with the added benefit of an "Eco-filter" The Eco-Filter is an added option designed to enhance Google searches to bring you relevant, green search results. For Example A search for "dish soap" using the Eco-Filtered Search option delivers results that are limited to eco-friendly, sustainable dish soap. A search for "school bus" brings up bio diesel sites and emissions reduction information for buses.

Who started this anyways??

TheEcoKey.com was started by two Eco-Prenuers looking for a way that everyday people in their everyday lives could combine their single efforts and make a noticable and tangible impact without spending money or leaving their homes.

How is The Eco Key cleaning our planet?

The Eco Key donates 40% of their revenue to organizations that remove litter Worldwide. We also sponsor organizations that remove trash and litter in the world's most polluted communities, parks, and beaches. In return we are saving the lives of countless birds and marine animals which die needlessly each year because of a contaminated habitat.

Why Should You use TheEcoKey.com?

When one million people change their homepage to TheEcoKey.com, we will be able to remove roughly 900 tons of plastic and garbage from our eco-system each year, and raise awareness with over 4 million people. Now why wouldn't you want to be a part of that?

How can you help?

We encourage you to set The Eco Key as your home page. This way every time you load your Internet browser you will be taking a small step to help clean our planet. Remember, every little bit counts! You will also be helping to raise awareness around you every time you, or those near your computer see The Eco Key load.

Our eco-revenue is directly generated by internet traffic on this site.

Please help us spread the word about The Eco Key by telling your friends and family to set it as their home page. If you have a blog then please mention us, or put the following text in your email signature: "The Eco Key - Cleaning our planet one search at a time".

Have a look at our Eco-Concious Ideas page for ideas on other small steps you can take to clean our planet.

There are LOTS of great web sites about cleaning the environment, saving energy and being more eco-concious. They are full of great tips, covering the little things that we can all do to make a difference today. Try Eco-Keying "energy saving tips" or visit one of the many great blogs dedicated to environmental awareness.

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